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HARRY the Dog

HARRY - Loved by Ewa Klima Klima

Dog - aged 9

Passed 18/09/2017

Teddy the Cat

Teddy - Loved by Emily Muir

Cat - aged 2

Passed 23/08/2017

Farley the Dog

Farley - Loved by Val Baggott

Dog - aged 12

Passed 23/08/2017

Billy the Dog

Billy - Loved by Tracy Davey

Dog - aged 11

Passed 31/07/2017

Dino the Dog

Dino - Loved by Jean Bull

Dog - aged 12

Passed 22/07/2017

Alex Harvey the Dog

Alex Harvey - Loved by Karie Harvey

Dog - aged 17

Passed 02/08/2017

Ben the Dog

Ben - Loved by Jon & Jane Edwards

Dog - aged 10

Passed 19/06/2017

Corry the Dog

Corry - Loved by John Corr

Dog - aged 14

Passed 21/06/2017

Suzie the Dog

Suzie - Loved by Christine M Teahan

Dog - aged 9

Passed 01/07/2017

Scarlett the Dog

Scarlett - Loved by Rachel Ann Wasley

Dog - aged 4

Passed 23/06/2017

Heidi the Dog

Heidi - Loved by Robert Knowles

Dog - aged 14

Passed 13/06/2017

Scampy the Cat

Scampy - Loved by Emma Michelle Wootton

Cat - aged 16

Passed 26/05/2017

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way you treated me and our darling. You were so kind & professional and it really helped and it meant so much.

  • Your consideration helped us both to come to terms with it all. The setting and atmosphere at Valley Pet Crematorium was lovely and so peaceful.

  • I would like to thank you for your care and support. You both made a horrible and traumatic time easier to bear. People like you are rare and so please be proud of what you do. I will highly recommend you.

  • Thank you so very much for your kindness & swift service following the loss of my special little man. I found it so painful and you were lovely & you did all I asked of you without question.

  • Thank you for listening and adhering to our wishes for the cremation of our cats Rossi and Kiyo. Your sympathy was much appreciated in our time of grief. x

  • Thank you for taking care of Wizkid. She looked beautiful and so peaceful, I’m so glad I saw her to say goodbye one more time, it was so very hard losing her so thank you for being so caring and so helpful and respectful.