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Click on the memorials below to see the tributes made in loving memory of the pets who are no longer with us and are greatly missed by our clients...

Fudge the Cat

Fudge - Loved by Liam Mark Jones

Cat - aged 13

Passed 27/05/2020

Marley the Dog

Marley - Loved by Charlotte Barratt

Dog - aged 10

Passed 25/06/2020

Alioli the Guinea Pig

Alioli - Loved by Laura Bravo

Guinea Pig - aged 1

Passed 27/05/2020

Jimmy the Dog

Jimmy - Loved by Trevor S Barnard

Dog - aged 9

Passed 18/05/2020

Rio the Dog

Rio - Loved by Catherine Gibson-Garford

Dog - aged 12

Passed 21/05/2020

Bea the Cat

Bea - Loved by Laura Wildwoode

Cat - aged 4

Passed 12/05/2020

BETSY the Dog

BETSY - Loved by Darren Quantrell

Dog - aged 10

Passed 06/05/2020

Litenin Stone the Cat

Litenin Stone - Loved by Tracey & Mike Stone

Cat - aged 13

Passed 01/05/2020

Fluffles the Cat

Fluffles - Loved by Paul Hill

Cat - aged 10

Passed 04/05/2020

Jake the Dog

Jake - Loved by Thomas Ashwell

Dog - aged 13

Passed 25/04/2020

Heidi the Dog

Heidi - Loved by Kate Lewis

Dog - aged 13

Passed 01/05/2020

Monty the Dog

Monty - Loved by Maria Taylor

Dog - aged 15

Passed 18/04/2020