We're here for you when it’s time to say goodbye

We’re saying goodbye to…

They are not just pets, they are family

Valley Pet & Equine Crematorium offers a dignified, personal service dedicated to the loving memory of your pet.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have that special bond with a pet or equine friend know that the loss of such unconditional love can be devastating.

We aim to ease the sadness of parting by providing you with a dignified and personal service.

We’re here to help you arrange your pet’s final journey and to honour their memory.

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Our promises

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We care for your pets as if they were part of our family.

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We offer a careful and considerate service.

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We can help guide you through your options.

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What happens and when?

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Step 1 - Your pet’s cremation options

You will then have a few decisions to make to give your pet their final farewell.

You can:

  • Ask for your pet to be collected from your home or veterinary practice
  • Bring your pet directly to our crematorium
  • Opt for an individual cremation (and have your pet’s ashes returned) or a communal cremation (no ashes are returned)
  • Choose any keepsakes such as a fur clipping or paw print
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Step 2 - Choosing a casket, urn or keepsake

We have a range of caskets and urns for you to keep your beloved pet’s ashes in. We can then deliver them to your home or veterinary practice for you or you may prefer to visit the crematorium to collect them yourself.

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Step 3 - Saying goodbye

You can choose what you would like to do when the time comes to say goodbye:

  • Decide if you would like to see your pet one last time at the crematorium
  • Discuss any other wishes, such as having flowers or special music
  • It may be possible for you to wait, so you can take your pet’s ashes home with you that day
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“The care and compassion shown to myself and Les and the love and dignity you gave to our beloved Solo was outstanding and so much appreciated. The team at Valley are very special people who love animals and honestly do treat every animal as if it were their own. The urn and paw print are just beautiful and thank you for getting her home to us so quickly. You are all stars” – Jill