Caskets, Urns & Keepsakes

Treasure the special memories of your pet

Our caskets or urns, offer you the opportunity to keep the ashes at home, inter them or scatter in a favourite place.

We also have a tasteful range of keepsakes for you to remember your treasured companion, all beautifully presented in a presentation box for protection.

Please let our caring team know your choices upon making your arrangements with us.

Caskets & Urns

Alderly Urn

Alderly Urn

A high quality brass urn finished in pewter, with inlaid paw prints. This contemporary urn would make a lovely final resting place for your life-long friend.

Burford Caskets

Burford Oak Casket

This classically styled, solid oak casket is decorated with carved edges and is supplied with an engraved nameplate. Choose between a Natural or Mahogany finish.

Photo Tribute Box

Photo Tribute Box

A beautiful solid oak casket with framed lid for you to place a treasured photograph of your pet. Your pet’s ashes will be gently held in a satin bag.

Earlswood Casket

Earlswood Casket

Hand crafted wooden casket with rosewood finish and brass effect inlaid paw prints.

Sleeping Cat casket

Sleeping Cat Casket

Our Sleeping Cat Casket is a poignant choice for our feline friends.

Traditional Casket

Traditional Casket

A traditional wooden casket with simple edging, supplied with an engraved nameplate.

Scatter Tube

Pet Stairway Scatter Tube

A simple biodegradable container to safely hold the ashes of your pet until scattering.

Regency and Monarch Urns

Monarch & Regency Urns

Our new range of bright and modern Monarch Blue and Regency Pink urns will bring colour into your home in memory of a precious companion.


precious paw print

Precious Paw Imprint

Ask for a treasured keepsake of your pet’s paw. Hand prepared and gently taken by one of our cremation professionals. Your paw print is presented in a photo display case, perfect for keeping at home.

Remembrance Leaf

Remembrance Leaf

An engraved memorial leaf that can be added to a branch of our Memory Tree at the crematorium, or send to your home.

Fur & Ash Keepsake

Fur and Ash Keepsakes

Our token ash and fur keepsakes are a wonderful way to remember a beloved pet. These can be kept in a memory or keepsake box, or kept with your pet’s casket at home.

Regency and Monarch Keepsakes

Monarch & Regency Heart Keepsakes

A wonderful accompaniment to a Monarch or Regency Urn. These hold a token amount of ash and are perfect to cuddle, bury in your garden or keep at home in a special place.

Equine Caskets

Aintree casket

Aintree Casket

A classically-styled, solid oak casket with carved handles and an engraved nameplate. The perfect final resting place for your equine friend.

Chester Casket

Chester Casket

A discreet, rustic-styled horse casket with decorative handles. Suitable for holding the ashes and keepsake items of your horse, pony or donkey.

Wicker Casket

Wicker Casket

Made of handwoven natural willow with cotton calico drawstring bag to hold your horse’s ashes.