Losing a life-long companion can feel overwhelming

For many families, finding ways to remember their pet can help with grief and reflect on precious memories, as well as help keep happy memories alive.

Hold a small memorial service

Together with trusted friends and family, you can visit your pet’s favourite place to scatter their ashes, or to share fond memories. If you decide on cremation, your local pet crematorium may offer a private chapel room to say goodbye to your friend.

Decide if you would like any memorial keepsakes to remember your pet by, and if you would like to involve family, friends or children in putting these together.

Pet keepsake ideas and activities to do as a family

  • If your pet came to your home from a rescue, you may choose to make a named donation to a charity or pet rescue
  • Plant a tree, memorial rose or flowers to brighten up your garden in your pet’s memory
  • Create a lasting memorial such as a digital or print scrapbook, with written messages, photographs and drawings
  • Some pet owners have made a special place in their home dedicated to the memory of beloved companions: such as a shelf or table with framed photographs, keepsakes and candle
  • Choose a stone plaque or memorial headstone to create an outdoor memorial
  • Ask for an ink or clay paw print to be taken of your pet
  • Incorporate a token amount of your pet’s ashes in memorial jewellery

Ask us how we can help

We offer the following memorials as part of our individual cremation service:

  • Paw Print Impression
    Our paw print impression is a hand-prepared print of your pet’s paw in a discreet presentation box. You may wish to display this at home, or keep it in your pet’s memory box.
  • Fur & Ash Keepsakes
    Ask us about adding a fur clipping and ash into a small keepsake vial. These are beautifully presented in a satin bag with a ‘best friends’ charm.
  • Memorial Jewellery
    Using a token amount of ash, we can help you choose your own piece of jewellery from our range, or work with someone else of your choice.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but every pet is unique, as is their relationship with you.

However you choose to remember your pet, they will always be with you in your heart and in the fond memories left behind.

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